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How It Works


Fill out some information about your property and your situation or give us a call.


We look into your property and do an in-depth analysis. We look into background of properties in the area.


We schedule a phone call and time to visit the property. We will discuss options available.


We give you an offer and set up a closing date that works for you. We pay closing costs.

Solutions For Buyers & Sellers

Types of Creative Financing

If you are running out of time and the financial pressure is burdening you, we are here to help.  Don’t let a foreclosure go on your record.  No matter your situation, we can help you.

A Straight Subject-To (Cash To Loan)

A straight subject-to deal simply includes the seller’s loan balance plus any additional cash from the buyer to equal the agreed-upon purchase price.  Let’s say two parties – buyer and seller – agree that the purchase price for a home will be $150,000.  The Seller still owes $100,000 on their home loan.  The buyer will take over those mortgage payments in a subject-to deal and will pay $50,000 in cash to the seller (the difference between the purchase price and the loan balance).

Why Would A Seller Agree To A

A subject-to deal can help provide a quick solution to whatever problem they face.  The deal usually happens relatively fast, with no buyer financing on the line.  In addition, sellers may be motivated by the possibility of improving their own credit.  Buyers pay agents fees.  Also with a subject-to, a seller could avoid foreclosure and rebuild credit, since the mortgage (which the buyer is paying) is still in their name.

What We Buy

We buy ANY residential structure!  Single homes, townhomes, multi-family units, condos.  New and old.  We help distressed homeowners no matter the hardship they are facing.  Let us know what you have to sell and we will see how we can help you.

Pending Bank Closure • Accumulated Debts • Unemployment • Job Loss • Damaged Home Due to Fire or Flood and not covered by insurance • Old Homes Needing Repairs • Problem Tenants • Bad Neighborhood • Simply Troublesome Neighbors • Death in the Family • No Equity • Rejected by Realtors • Divorce • Inheritance You Don’t Want or Can’t Keep • Too Many Homes • Needing to Liquidate • Encumbered Property

Owner Finance Homes & Rentals

At Diamond Star Investments we offer owner finance homes and rentals.  Contact us today for more information.

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