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Rex and Katrina Shippy Family

Hey Guys!

I am Katrina, this is my husband Rex, daughter McKaty, and we are soon going to welcome our 2nd daughter Kingsley. We are the Shippys!
Rex was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho and then moved to Weiser, Idaho where I joined him after we got married (going on 4 years!). I am from Mountain Home, Idaho where my family built a raw milk farm when we moved from Montana 13 years ago.
Rex and I lived on 45 acres in Weiser where we raised and trained Border Collies for ranch work and stock trials, had a large herd of sheep and several horses. Rex also had a tree service and landscaping business, he originally started a lawn care business which he developed and sold.
The Border Collies were our passion for the first couple of years and we became very successful training them up and trialing them all over the nation at cattle and sheep trials. Whatever we do, we like to do as a family, so we would bundle (at the time) little baby Mckaty up, go outside, work our dogs, take care of our animals, travel the roads and trial together. Mckaty was just 2 weeks old when we took her to her very first dog trial! 🙂
After the first couple of years though we realized we really needed to start focusing on growing our lives for our family and start building a future for us. Rex started really focusing on growing his business and I started doing a lot of the dog stuff solo. We quickly realized that our super power and passion is working together and if we can’t do that we do not enjoy what we do. Rex started looking into real estate as an income source and we both soon realized that is where our passion and efforts are meant to be directed for this time. And then we started specializing in creative finance! 
It allows us to work together, we each have our special tasks where our strengths and weaknesses complement each other and it allows us to be together as a family and experience all the moments together, which is really what it is all about for us!
We sold our 45 acres, all of our animals (except for 2 very special Border Collies), gave up our “dream” life and moved to town in Nampa, Idaho. We have been blessed with an amazing house, incredible neighborhood and the best neighbors/friends! It was extremely difficult to give up that life we loved so much but it is only temporary. We are making the sacrifices now so our kids and grandkids can go live their dream lives and make a difference in this world. We have bigger visions and goals now and are on the path to obtaining financial freedom which will allow us to truly actually live our “dream” life, do it so much more meaningfully and help so many along the way.
Rex and Katrina Shippy Family
Rex and Katrina Shippy Family
This real estate journey has been so incredible. Along the way we have discovered it is so much more than buying and selling. It is about relationships, about helping each other out, finding solutions so everybody wins and getting to see one simple transaction change so many peoples lives for the better! Sellers, buyers and agents alike have become good friends and taught us so much.
We love where God has us right now and wouldn’t have it any other way! Through all the people who have touched our lives and who our lives have been able to touch through doing real estate we know His hand is in it and we are so excited to walk this journey to its fullest!
If you ever want to talk real estate investing, you need to sell a house, buy a house, OR you just want a friend or need a helping hand  please let us know! We love all of you and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys so thank you!
Welcome aboard our crazy but fun journey! 🙂

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